A week of learning – falls & swimming


To think, I really thought I had this whole parenting thing down pat….

It finally happened. My daughter took her long awaited first big spill. Don’t get me wrong, she’s fallen a zillion times but this one was different. You could tell from the sound of the cry and from the sight of blood – we’re not talking horror movie bloodbath but when you’re in the moment it sure feels like it.

We live in a small space so virtually everything in my house can be classified as a hazard. We’ve slowly started “babyproofing” where we can but aside from living in an empty room, it’s hard. The first thing to go was our coffee table. The corners were sharp and lined up perfectly with her eyes so to the curb it went. Likely not the first piece to bite the dust.

At this point, the one thing working in my favour is that she’s still a few months away from walking, so I’ve got a bit of time. My fellow Dad’s tell me once the walking stage arrives, everything in your house becomes a grenade.

Long story short, her lip was cut, there was a bit of blood, my wife narrowly avoided fainting and after an epic freak out all was back to normal.

This whole ordeal prompted me to read and watch-up on baby proofing. The funny thing is that I couldn’t find a tonne of helpful videos. Fear not! DadLabs has a great one. There’s a lot to think about and this covers all of the major ones in the rooms where you spend the most time. And yes, professional babyproofer is in fact a real career opportunity.

Learning to swim: the earlier the better

Every night ends with a bath. Like I talked about in an earlier post, I can’t stress enough how important a solid routine is.

Another learning this week… Babies aren’t used to fully submerging their heads in water. Who knew, right?

Now that Amelia’s a full-fledged explorer she no longer sits back while we give her a good scrubbing. She’s constantly moving, trying to stand, chasing her bath toys as they float out of reach. The other night, she fully dunked her head, swallowing some water and boy was she not ready for it.

So naturally, I figured I needed to start some daddy/daughter swimming lessons. After her reaction in the tub, I realized, I need to have a confident swimming baby by summer. Should be fun and I’ll follow-up with my thoughts after my first lesson.  I’m booking my lessons through Water Babies which is a great resource that helps you find nearby swimming classes by entering your postal code.

Until then, here’s some DIY info on how to help your little one embrace the water. There’s no harm in getting them used to it from a young age.

Enjoy the week!


2 thoughts on “A week of learning – falls & swimming

  1. It is surprising how resilient children are. When two, my daughter lost her tooth from a fall while with the childcare provider. The provider (a wonderful lady) warned me there was some blood – a cut lip (she thought), t-shirt was stained but she had no idea the tooth came out. Reason – few minutes later, after calming down, the child was eating watermelon and cookies!


    • No kidding. I’ve noticed it’s that initial reaction they have that’s very short lived. After they realize it’s not a big deal they move right on. Even as an adult, watermelon and cookies cures all!


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