Getting rid of dad bod in time for summer

I wanted to start by explaining what exactly “dad bod” is. I guess I naively assumed that everyone was up to speed but I’ve had a bunch of people ask the past few weeks.

The top definition on Urban Dictionary sums it up perfectly:

“A guy who has kids and was once in shape and still has guns that can crush beer cans but also with a belly that says I drank those beers and I can eat 6 slices of pizza in one seating.”

Hopefully that clears the air.

Sunday marked the first official day of spring. Granted, we’ve been pretty spoiled this winter with some amazingly mild weather. Regardless, many of us, especially new parents have taken those months to hibernate, enjoy some pie and catch-up on Netflix. House of Cards anyone? As a result, there’s some extra baggage we’ve acquired. Mostly in the stomach, some in the hips, some… who am I kidding, its spread all over.

Not to worry, all hope isn’t lost. There’s still plenty of time to get back into the mediocre shape we were.

Baby or not, this has been my routine dating as far back as I can remember. I feel like in a different life I was born in a warm climate and am still struggling to adjust to Canadian winters.

Now that I’m 100% back on the wagon, I’ve stepped my workout routine up a notch. I appreciate now more than ever how little time there is in the day. With work, school and spending two night’s a week hanging with Amelia I really need to make time and be creative.

A good portion of my exercise is happening outside of the gym. I’ve been strapping the extra 15 or so pounds known as my daughter onto me and venturing out.


Here we are last weekend doing 10 km down to Lake Ontario

In the gym, I’ve been following this really great 6 day workout from Men’s Health:

The Killer Kettlebell Workout (Day one)
The Two-Dumbbell Muscle Maker (Day two)
The High-Octane Metabolic Fat Burner (Day three)
The Workout to Light Up Your Legs, Shoulders, and Abs (Day five)
The Ultimate Blood-Pumping Workout (Day six)

I find the routine easy to follow and since I’m certainly not working out 6 day’s a week you can go in, watch some of the videos and pull the exercises that interest you most.

Again, just being conscious of how much you’re walking can make a huge difference. Get off one subway stop further than where you live, walk to the grocery store, even go into your back yard and walk in circles… well that’s extremely boring but you get where I’m going.

Is your dad bod ready for summer? What are you doing to get it there?

Until next time.


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