Dad Style: Spring tips for a stylish Dad

Just because you’re a Dad, it doesn’t mean socks and sandals are suddenly cool. It doesn’t mean that tucking a golf shirt into a relaxed fit pair of khakis for every summer occasion is the right move.

If you’re looking for a good laugh, check out Fashion Dads on Instagram. There are so many classic Dad styles that we’ve all seen at one point or another. But, this is 2016 and we’re not wearing New Balance walking shoes with orthotics anymore.

All I need to get by is a nice pair of sneakers, jeans, sunglasses, joggers, blazer, watch and hat. Sounds simple enough, right? By no means would I consider myself a style guru but here are a couple of my essentials for this spring/summer. Oh, and they won’t break the bank which always helps.

Gap Utility Jogger – I have a few pairs of these and for $70 they aren’t exactly cheap but they’re nice and light and can do double duty for an afternoon at the park and dinner out.

Brathwait Classic Slim Watch – My favourite find! Great quality and design in a watch that could easily cost a whole lot more. You can switch between the leather and cloth band which is nice.

Nike Flyknit Roshe Run – Ok, these are my one real indulgence…. It doesn’t matter if you’re in jeans or shorts, these shoes are comfortable and you can throw them in the washing mashing machine for a quick clean.

Ray-Ban Wayfarer Classic – A staple that I can’t live without. Gun metal grey polarized shades for those beauty summer days. These never go out of style and will last you forever… as long as your little one doesn’t get their hands on them.

Levis 511 Slim Fit Jeans – These jeans are another versatile piece that you can wear for everything casual this summer – throw on a plain white t-shirt and you’re ready to roll. Just don’t show up wearing them at a black tie event…

Lululemon Chamber Ball Cap – This hat keeps you cool and absorbs sweat really nicely. Great afternoons at the beach or if you can find time for a quick workout.

Zara Slim Fit Blazer – I was introduced to “cheap and cheerful” last summer while tasting new wines with the cottage neighbours. This is just that. Comes in three nice neutral colours and can be paired with just about anything.

What’s in your closet this season? Any must-haves I’m missing?

Happy shopping!


3 thoughts on “Dad Style: Spring tips for a stylish Dad

  1. With my husband Peter’s birthday coming up, there are some GREAT ideas here, Andrew! Now, Peter was a young dad, oh, 15 years ago. He still looks awesome so I’m sure he’ll look good in some of your recommendations, as he chauffeurs our 16-year-old daughter to the movies or helps our 18-year-old son move into a campus student residence later this year. Yep, they do grow up fast : )


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