First Easter, Day Trip & Chinese Food

It was Amelia’s first Easter. Ok, let’s be honest, at this point in her life, almost everything is a first but who’s counting. Normally we’re the typical Canadian family. Turkey is our go-to for every holiday occasion. This year was different.

My cousin and her husband moved out East and we found out they’re going to be giving Amelia a cousin of her own later this summer, Nana’s in the hospital (nothing too serious) and frankly I think the rest of us were in need of a change.

Even though the little one is too young to understand, she’s the perfect excuse to try something new. Cue a trip to Kortright Centre and the ever exciting Maple Syrup Festival…. I’ll admit, I was skeptical and even more jarred when I saw the lineup of cars waiting to get in. But, it was 15 degrees and sunny so life could have been worse.

y8mYfj (1)

Once in, you navigate your way through trails in the forest with occasional pit stops to learn and watch firsthand how the liquid gold was made back in the day and what production looks like today. Did I mention they give you fresh warm samples?

From there, we broke off from the masses and did a little exploring of our own. A classmate of mine recently blogged about 7 reasons why you need to throw out your selfie stick and there was a point not too long ago where I would have 100% agreed but damn they come in handy for moments like this.


After circling around as a family to watch a falcon devour a quail for dinner (long story), it was back to the house to start making plans for our meal because keeping with the theme of the day, we had no plans. This is where our spontaneity went slightly off the rails. We had a couple of drinks, Amelia opened a few little Easter gifts and we went back and forth for a good hour debating between going out vs. staying in, Portuguese food, steaks, Thai were all in the mix but like any good family, we couldn’t agree.

So, Chinese it was. Nothing says Easter dinner like chicken balls, right?


Another parenting lesson learned today: if your kid is so pumped up all day and refusing to sleep, they will eventually crash and it might not be pretty. Let me re-phrase, it WON’T be pretty. After a quick departure to save my family from permanent ear damage, I took the scenic route home to make sure she was fully TKO’d in her car seat – I need to start tracking the number of km’s being devoted to “baby stop crying” mileage…

When’s the next long weekend? Not soon enough.

Later this week I’ve got a great Q&A for every Dad out there, you won’t want to miss it!

Until next time.


4 thoughts on “First Easter, Day Trip & Chinese Food

  1. I love your Easter celebration this year! It has been a very long time since I went to the Kortright Centre (a.k.a. I was probably still in braces. So, yes, it has been a LONG time). I have recently thought about going again and this post totally motivated me to do so!


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