Planning for the big 1st birthday

It’s hard to believe we’re already thinking about a 1st birthday party. It seems like yesterday we were walking out of Mount Sinai, getting into our small and very un-family friendly VW Golf, which has since been swapped for a mid-sized crossover (how cliché, I know).

There are two schools of thought on this milestone celebration. Either you go all out, like sweet sixteen, riding in on a camel, or you do something simple and low key, family, friends, a BBQ.

The latter is my pick while my wife is keener on a hybrid version. Dad’s, if you have a daughter, you need to be prepared to concede creative control since Mom is more in tune with the different types of pink and how they need to match your “theme”.


Theme is where the planning starts. Are you having a luau with pineapple drinks and umbrella straws? We landed on a throwback carnival bash. Cotton candy, popcorn machine, old-fashioned streamers. That’s the all-out part. The location will be my parents simple yet spacious backyard. And, since kids have a bad reputation for being messy, doing it outside makes the clean-up way easier!

If you’re stumped, visit to get those ideas flowing or  Pintrest where I found this really cool party on the Style Me Pretty website.

A celebration for the parents

Lots changed this year. We’ve learned how to be functioning humans on minimal sleep, realized that no amount of cleaning will ever prevent spills and food from being smeared over every corner of your house and that there’s nothing wrong with going to bed at 8 pm.

So yes, this celebration is just as much about us as it is for the little one so plan accordingly. Invite your friends, stock the liquor cabinet and have some games for the over one crowd.

Buzzfeed has some great ideas  in the 20 Insanely Simple Party Games That Are Fun At Any Age.

My favourite has to be the Oinking game where you’re tasked with recognizing someone just by the sound of their oink? Full instructions here.

Lastly, the 3 most important parts… cost, who to invite and what to eat?

According to a poll conducted by babycentre of more than 5,000 parents, the majority — 61 percent —spent $200 or less, 25 percent spent between $200 and $500, and 11 percent dished out more than $500. If it’s budget you’re worried about fear not, they have some great tips on how to save too.

Invite your friends and family. Your kid is one and while you might think they’re already social butterflies, chances are they don’t have a deep crew at this stage.

Don’t skimp on the food! Guests love to eat. If we’re being honest, it’s probably the main attraction at your party. Sorry Amelia, watching you destroy your first cake will be entertaining and all but…..

This is all new to me so I’d love to hear your thoughts?



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